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Guanjue Suzhou Electric Equipment Co.Ltd is located in Tongli, a beautiful, fertile and abundant place in Jiangsu province. The millennium town Tongli is located in the area of shore of Taihu Lake and the Grand Canal, the northeast part of Wujiang district of Jiangsu province. The town is seated in the area borders with Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, where covers a transportation network comprised of highway connecting Suzhou, Zhejiang and Shanghai, 227 provincial highway and the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou from south to north, of 318 national road, Taipu River, highway connecting Shanghai, Suzhou, Zhejiang (Wujiang sector)from east to west. With high degree of transportation convenience, Tongli is about 20 kilometers from Suzhou station of Hu-Ning railway, 55 kilometers from Jiaxing station of Huhang Railway, 80 kilometers from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport. It is a typical ancient water town featured with long history and landscape culture. Located in Wujiang of Jiangsu province, the company is a development-oriented enterprise engaged in manufacture, especially for various ovens, including specialized ovens, industrial ovens, drying cabinet, photoelectric element ovens, clean ovens, nitrogen ovens, drying baker, steam ovens, impregnation ovens, pipeline ovens, tunnel drying ovens, aging rooms and other specialized drying equipment. Production we made are widely used in electron industry, chemical engineering, pharmacy industry, machine industry, colleges and universities, medical establishment, research and development institution. We have a group of outstanding senior technicians and professional staff who made great efforts in building a self-owned brand with the help of top technologies and management operation. The company are also engaged in investment and revolution concerning with manufacturing, marketing, after-sales service, technology research and development, talent cultivation and etc. The company newly established modernized production site in Tongli town of Wujiang in Jiangsu province, and also formed customer service center and maintenance and repair team for electric appliances one after another.

With a strong marketing network, we established a perfect network system of pre-sales and after-sales to provide first class service to domestic customers and gained recognition from them.

In the process of development in the future, Guanjue Electric Equipment Co.Ltd will give full play to its sharp observation and unique analysis ability, genuinely provide first-rate service relying on its advantages in many aspects including service, technologies, talents and brand. We mange to expand potential business and improve competitiveness of our company, providing wider space for the further development. We believe that our company will obtain victory by virtue of professional groups, common pursuit, sincere cooperation and sharing everything. We also firmly believe that our dream that Guanjue will rank the top brand of oven industry will come true.



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