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An intelligent storm in the dry industry

Our country has gone through many years from the original boiler to the high frequency and vacuum in recent years, until the development of solar energy and air energy, our country has entered the era of clean drying and drying in the real sense.

However, regardless of the vacuum high frequency dry drying or the solar heat pump drying, the requirements for different drying drying objects are not the same for the temperature, and the humidity and temperature are different at various stages of drying. It is a pity that many drying and drying equipment does not have multistage control function at present.

In this + Internet era, remote terminal control makes production more convenient, and system security is guaranteed to the greatest extent. The heat source took the lead in introducing the concept of Internet of things into drying control, and raised the frequency conversion + Intelligent storm in the drying industry. When the market demand has not yet been activated in large scale, the remote intelligent control has been applied for the first time as a concept.

The purpose of using intelligent drying is to reduce the cost, avoid the risk of the workers to avoid the safety accidents and the waste, and the two is to improve the efficiency and produce more products. Drying industry veteran said that terminal design will still be a key to the competition in the next ten years. Among them, there are several ideas that become the direction for many brands to strive for, such as a more concise interface and a more intelligent security warning module. In the design of APP interface, more will draw on the control mode of smart home, and display the machine running condition intuitively. This is also a direction of the development of the thermal original intelligent drying.


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