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Main performance parameters

Studio size: high 1500* width 1000* deep 1000mm
Size: about 2220* wide 1450* deep 1290mm
Power: 380V 50Hz
Heating power: 14.0Kw
Working temperature: room temperature +10--250 degrees, set at any temperature.
Temperature averaging: positive and negative 2%
Air duct: double air duct, horizontal rotation
Shell material: cold tie steel plate, surface is coated with light grey paint.
Material of inner and air duct system: stainless steel plate
Heaters: stainless steel tubular electric heaters
Heater position: top heating
Heat insulation material: 90mm thick glass rock wool
Blower motor: power 750W*2
Temperature control: PID temperature controller, LED digital display, key setting, automatic constant temperature.
Temperature sensing element: Pt100 thermal resistance
Constant temperature timing: 0.01--99.99 hours, time to intercept heating, beep prompts.
Safety protection: short circuit, overload protection, motor thermal overload and phase protection.
Accessories: selection of shelf; selection of ultra temperature protection function


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