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The dryer Market will be further expanded with financial allocations

Drying equipment plays an important role in the primary processing and food processing of agricultural products. The central government allocated funds to support high-tech agricultural equipment, will certainly promote the further development of air energy heat pump drying and other drying equipment.

Recently, a major news in the air energy industry set off waves. According to the guidelines for the implementation of the subsidy for the purchase of agricultural machinery for 2015~2017 years (hereinafter referred to as the "opinion"), the central finance will allocate 18 billion 600 million yuan for the purchase of high-tech agricultural equipment. The subsidy is divided into three aspects: initial processing subsidies for agricultural products, energy saving and financial incentives, and construction of drying facilities and storage facilities.

The publication of the "opinions" is an important step for the state to support the three rural areas. Huge capital injection into the field of agricultural machinery will promote the rapid development of the rural economy. According to the contents of the opinion, the agricultural drying equipment is the focus of this subsidy. For example, the subsidy amount of energy saving drying equipment in the fields of tea drying, grain drying and grain drying has been released, and the amount is not low, which undoubtedly brings a warm spring wind to the field of agricultural drying.

The energy saving drying technology of air heat pump meets the development concept of green, environmental protection and energy saving. Air energy heat pump drying can dehumidifying and drying products in a relatively closed environment or in a semi open environment. It can not only save energy but also improve the quality of the product effectively. It has the remarkable characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and health. It is widely used in food, wood, tobacco, chemical industry, papermaking and so on. Air energy industry experts believe that the state subsidies, or will directly stimulate the air to dry the market to further expand the air energy heat pump drying industry into the development of the fast lane.


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