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Classification of oven

The oven can be divided into a programmable oven, a precise oven charging oven, a vacuum oven, an explosion proof oven, an electric heat dryness box, a hot air rotary oven and so on. It is widely applied to all walks of life and requires heating and drying components.

According to the industry, the oven can be divided into the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the electric equipment, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven, the special oven machine industry Special oven, synthetic fiber industry special oven, wood industry special oven, friction material special oven.

According to the shape, the oven can be divided into two types: horizontal oven and vertical oven.

The oven is distinguished by the rated temperature, and generally it can be divided into:

Low temperature oven: below 100 degrees, usually used for electrical products aging, slow drying of common materials, drying of food ingredients, plastics and other products.

Normal temperature oven: 100-250 C, this is the most common use temperature. It is used for moisture drying, coating curing, heating, heating and insulation of most parts.

High temperature oven: 250-400 degree, high temperature drying, special material, workpiece heating installation, material high temperature test, chemical raw material reaction processing.

Ultra high temperature oven: 400-600 degree, higher working temperature, high temperature drying special material, workpiece heat treatment, material high temperature test and so on.

Classification of air supply modes in oven and their respective compatibility:

The air supply mode of the oven is divided into horizontal and vertical air supply.

Horizontal air supply: used in a tray that needs to be baked in a tray; the hot wind of the water supply is blown on both sides of the studio, so it can be bathed in the tray. The baking effect will be good. On the contrary, it is not appropriate to send a vertical air supply in a tray in a tray. The vertical air supply is blown up from the top to the bottom. It will block the hot air, so the hot wind can not bathe below, and the corresponding baking effect will be bad!

Vertical air supply: the joint is used to roast the objects on the grid. The vertical wind hot wind is blown up from the upper and lower, because it is the net frame, the upper and lower smooth flow of the end will be very good, so that the hot air can be completely bathed in the object!

Of course, the objects placed on the grid can also be supplied horizontally, depending on the characteristics of the objects themselves.

In order to make the reader more aware of the oven, the detailed size of the oven is compiled. In general, the size can be selected according to the material you want to bake. In the custom oven, the manufacturer will recommend a suitable oven for you as long as it tells the manufacturer of the characteristics of the roasted material and the amount of baking you have to bake. Of course, after you know the detailed size of the oven, then you can also check your own, directly tell the oven manufacturer you want the size of the oven, that will not make the manufacturer to give you the time to quote!


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